Sunshine Fund

The Sunshine Fund helps financially disadvantaged families with medical expenses and travel subsidies for children that require the services of BC Children’s Hospital.  Sunshine Fund applicants remain anonymous and requests are considered by a diverse assessment committee and on a case-by-case basis.  In order to qualify for funding, families must demonstrate the need for funding assistance.

The Sunshine Fund also makes donations in the region that benefit children for specific programs that align with the Sunshine Fund Children’s Charity mission.

The Sunshine Fund has helped many families over the years, here are just a few stories…

We have helped a young girl with cerebral palsy obtain a very specialized walker. Without this walker she was confined to her wheel chair for mobility. This walker has given her the ability to learn to walk and explore her environment.

The Sunshine Fund has helped several moms who have had a difficult time breastfeeding.  We have been able to provide funds to purchase expensive medications that assist with increasing milk supply thus allowing babies the best start possible.  With out the assistance of the Sunshine Fund, these babies may have needed to go onto formula at an earlier age.

The Sunshine Fund helps numerous families every year to get to medical appointments and follow up at BC Children’s Hospital.  The expense of these trips can be upwards of $500, without the Sunshine Fund these trips would not happen.

We had two families from outside of Penticton needing local accommodation prior to delivery of their babies.  Both families needed to stay close to Penticton for medical concerns and both had other children that needed care, with very limited family support.  The Sunshine Fund was able to assist with the accommodation while they awaited the arrival of their new family member.

Need Assistance?

Please complete the Sunshine Fund – Application for Assistance and submit it by:

  • dropping off or mailing to SOCC, 225 Main Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 5B1 (if dropping off in person, please leave it in the outside locked mailbox by the front door)
  • emailing to